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Charity Wines are limited edition wines and are found in fine retail stores throughout the area where the Charity Wine superstar is most prevalent.  For example, Red Sox player wines are available at fine retail liquor stores throughout New England, whereas Chicago White Sox player wines are available in the Chicago, Illinois area.  Charity Wines are exclusively single run wines, which means there is only one opportunity to purchase the wines - after that, they are retired and no longer available.  Charity Wines sells all remaining overstock to our retail partner, www.EventWines.com after all local area stores have the opportunity to order for their inventory needs.  If you are not able to find your Charity Wine locally, we suggest checking out Event Wines.

The 2011 Charity Wines
  - Jon Lester's CabernAce and Clay Buchholz's ChardonClay  are expected to arrive locally in May 2011.  For those not living in the New England area who would like to pre-order your new Charity Wines, may we suggest shopping online at www.EventWines.com

2011 Charity Wines are now in stores throughout Massachusetts.
To find a store near you, please contact the distributor:

Carolina Wine & Spirits
Martignetti Companies
975 University Avenue
Norwood, MA 02062

Phone: (781) 278-2000
Fax: (781) 278-2253

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