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Our Mission Statement:
Our mission at Charity Wines is a simple one… utilize our expertise in the wine business… take advantage of the immense drawing power of celebrities… and raise as much money as possible for charitable organizations. Our business/life philosophy is also simple. A family owned and operated business, we pledge to our clients, employees and to all with whom we do business the following: to always operate on the principles of honesty & integrity, to treat all individuals with respect and honor, and in doing so we will also strive to conduct business with organizations which share and embrace our philosophy.

What is Charity Wines, you ask?
Though it's a revolutionary concept in charitable giving, it's really quite simple...
We team with a superstar athlete, celebrity or other high profile/notable person and they graciously donate the use of their name and image to produce a unique wine brand.
The celebrity chooses a charitable organization to which they are particularly close.
We use our 30+ years experience in the beverage industry to source the perfect wine to match with the celebrity and his/her charity.
The generosity of the American public is unparalleled anywhere in the world, and the last (and most important) part of the puzzle is you, the consumer. You purchase the wines with your hard earned money and we donate roughly 70% of our pre-tax profits to the celebrity's charity. The celebrity does not make one penny.

The philanthropic division of our wine import company, VinLozano Imports Inc., Charity Wines was formed to find superstar athletes, celebrities and notable organizations, and match them with fine wines to raise funds for great charities across the country.

With a combined 30 years in the restaurant, wine distribution and import business, we, like the rest of the world have been touched by the tragedies of cancer, heart disease, juvenile diabetes and Alzheimer's. We are certainly not unique in this regard. Everyone has family, a friend, acquaintance or they themselves have been affected in some way by these and other debilitating and life threatening diseases and conditions. But there are fantastic organizations and foundations out there working diligently to find cures and bring comfort to those suffering.

A Family Owned & Operated Business
Andrew Graff, Principal Owner and President
Heidi Graff, Principal Owner and Vice President

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